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Reasons to seek counselling support: Counselling offers a confidential place to be heard and work through concerns that may be coming up both currently and from past experiences. Counselling also offers tools and strategies to encourage perspective shifting and helps you to become the best version of yourself. No matter what path life has taken you down, everyone can benefit from some support. 

Why counselling?

A client centered counselling experience. 

Research based counselling interventions. 

Offer easily accessible mental health support for Canadians. 

Values of Virtual Connect

  Ethical counselling. 

Connecting those who seek support with clinicians who specialize in what they are looking for. 

As a clinician, I strongly believe in providing the individuals I work with a personalized counselling experience, using research based interventions, and offering the best counselling experience possible. I have been working as a counsellor since 2020, and as I started my counselling career shortly before the global pandemic hit, I immediately started seeing clients through virtual counselling. As I have grown as a clinician, I have continued to see how virtual counselling has been beneficial to making counselling more easily accessible. I believe that everyone can benefit from counselling. Having an across Canada virtual platform allows people to have access to clinicians across the country and maintain their confidentiality in a different way. Additionally, clients are able to receive counselling support from wherever they are most comfortable. 

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