The clinical counselling services offered through Virtual Connect are designed to be specific to the needs of each client. Following the client-centered approach to counselling, each person who reaches out for support will be connected with the clinician who is thought to be the best fit for their specific needs. Listed below are the areas of counselling that Virtual Connect specializes in and the modalities that are used. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. 


Our Support

Individual Counselling

Everyone goes through challenges and needs someone to check in with. Additionally, many people require support overcoming past traumas and mental health concerns. Connecting with us for individual counselling can help you to obtain the necessary support, tools, and a listening ear to help you successfully work through your concerns.  

Group settings can offer a place for individuals facing similar challenges to come together and experience a positive and supportive environment.
Psychoeducational groups offer a space for people to learn and develop various skills and receive support in a confidential environment. Support style groups offer a safe and confidential place for individuals to come and focus on the specific topics impacting their lives with others who are experiencing similar difficulties. There will be various virtual groups that occur through Virtual Connect so keep an eye out to see if any of them appeal to you.

Group Counselling

Couples counselling

Relationship ups and downs are normal. Couples counselling offers a place to strengthen the positive areas of your relationship and intervene in areas where further support would be helpful. Through the counselling process, couples will have a chance to work on implementing tools to strengthen their relationship, as well as rebuild communication and friendship whilst addressing their areas of concern.   

Family dynamics can be challenging from time to time. Finding a neutral party who can offer tools to improve the dynamics and functioning of the family unit can provide lasting benefits. A trained mental health professional who specializes in family counselling works with the family to: improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships within the family unit. Through a collaborative approach, family counselling helps each family member to understand the perspective and roles of each member. This can allow space to: modify unhealthy patterns, foster understanding, and develop problem-solving skills within the family. Overall, family counselling can enhance family cohesion, as well as individuals' overall happiness and resilience.  

Family Counselling


Skills-based, psychoeducational, or other workshops can be a great opportunity to be able to explore and learn about a new topic as a one-time event. Skilled-based workshops provide participants with valuable knowledge connected to the topic that is being presented. These workshops are usually provided as a one-time event and are presented in a way that is digestible and informative. Psychoeducational workshops are similar to skills-based workshops and will provide information on particular counselling modalities, a better understanding of interventions, or particular mental health concerns. Workshops are single-session events that allow you to dive into a topic of interest. These single sessions are helpful as sometimes it can be difficult to commit to longer-term courses or groups. Click the link below to take a look at our previously run workshops and any upcoming workshops. Let us know if there are any particular workshops that you are interested in seeing run at Virtual Connect. 

  • Mental health counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Addictions counselling
  • Coping skills
  • Generalized support for life's cross roads
  • Client centered counselling approaches

How we can help.

 All clinicians are registered with a psychotherapy body in either a provincial or Federal level. Registration bodies- CCPA, CRPO, BCACC, ACTA, CCTNB, NSCCT, CCTPEI, and QCA 

o Registered with FNHA (First Nations Health Authority) in British Columbia 
oRegistered with CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program in British Columbia)
o Sliding scale option available 

Direct Billing

Yes, it is possible to engage in almost all forms of counselling virtually and have an effective outcome from the counselling service.

 Is counselling as effective when it is done virtually? 

Yes, not every clinician is going to be a perfect fit, and as such, it is possible to switch clinicians. Please feel free to reach out in the Contact Us section, or by sending an email to

What if I do not connect with my counsellor, is it an option to switch counsellors? 

You will be asked to share where you reside/what province you have benefits in, then you will be connected with a clinician who is registered to work in that province to ensure that benefits will cover the counselling. 

Will my benefits cover the cost of counselling? 

We do not directly bill. You will be asked to pay following the session, and will be provided with a receipt that you are able to submit to your personal benefits. 

Do you directly bill?

All counsellors at Virtual Connect are registered with their regulatory provincial body, hold a master's degree, and abide by an ethical and research informed standard of practice.  

What credentials do Virtual Connect's counsellors hold? 

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